Reviewed by Grace Soledad

Between Here and Forever is the emotional story of a girl in a coma….and her sister. Abby is convinced that her sister, Tess, is perfect. She’s the one everybody picks, she’s beautiful, she’s smart, and she’s popular. Everyone loves Tess, even Abby’s ex-boyfriend! She’s convinced that she will never measure up to her.

After Tess gets in an accident and ends up in a coma, Abby is once again overlooked. She does want Tess to get better, but for a selfish reason: so that Abby won’t be connected to her anymore. When Abby learns a shocking secret about Tess, she suddenly has to come to terms with the fact that she doesn’t know her sister as well as she thought she did.

It took me quite a while to write this review because I could not figure out how to channel the pure emotion radiating through Between Here and Forever. Elizabeth Scott has captured grief and wonder all in one book. Abby was honest and completely realistic. I could feel her pain as she realized that everyone always picked Tess.

Elizabeth Scott has perfected the art of throwing in unexpected surprises and creating emotions that course through every word on every page. The plot was wonderful; the characters deeply complex and different. Her books are wholly unique and no author I have encountered has come close to her standard for emotional young adult novels.

I read Between Here and Forever in one sitting, not noticing the pages thinning until I reached the end. I both laughed and bawled while reading this book; not even Living Dead Girl is more powerful. Stunning and beautiful, Between Here and Forever is sure to captivate any reader.

Rating: 5/5

Grace Soledad is a teenage bibliophile who runs the blog Words Like Silver. She is described as “antisocial” because she constantly has her nose buried in a book or a notebook. When not reading, she can be found dancing, writing, or at the beach. She wants to become an author someday and is incredibly passionate about books, and holds several reading awards.

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