Reviewed by Carly M.

It used to be that when a person had a question about sex (particularly a young person), they were forced to ask their friends, parents or doctors if they didn’t want to muddle through and find the answer for themselves. Today, we have the Internet and it is positively humming with everything you’ve always wanted to know (and the things you never wanted to know) and the world’s sex life.

In this vast and revealing pile of information, a few websites stand out as absolute experts. One such site is www.AskDanAndJennifer.com, a question and answer site about sex and relationships that has more than 400,000 readers a month.

The book The Best Sex of Your Life is written by none other than Dan Baritchi and Jennifer Hunt, the experts who run www.AskDanAndJennifer.com. Therefore, you might think that this is the quintessential must-have-read for anyone interested in improving his or her sex life. After all, the topics covered in the book range from starting out to spicing up to setting records. Basically, if you can dream up the question, they’ve answered it in this book, with absolute no grey areas left to the imagination.

Unfortunately, although the range of topics is impressive, the answers given are not. From what I can tell, the target audience for this book seems to be young people who have not yet gotten to the point of having an actual sex life and are simply seeking information. I feel that anyone past the point of the initial awkward stage of getting used to making love has probably discovered all of the tips and tricks hidden in these chapters.

In all honesty, I would not even recommend The Best Sex of Your Life for young people, as some of the information was misleading if not downright wrong. A particularly memorable chapter explained that men will not be tempted to visit a strip club if he is satisfied in his relationship. Unfortunately, that basically means that any man who wants to go to a strip club is in a failing relationship with a woman who isn’t meeting his sexual or emotional needs.

Regardless of your view on strip clubs and their worth in society, you have to admit that that’s a pretty heavy burden for young women to bear. My advice is to skip this book and find one that celebrates and encourages healthy and happy sex without pointing the finger of blame at anyone.

Carly lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with her husband and their two cats. Her favorite thing to do is to curl up by a window with a library book. When she isn’t reading, she’s usually writing on her blog at www.beingcarly.com.

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