Reviewed by Caleb S.

The Silver Eagle is the second book in the The Forgotten Legion Chronicles and was an excellent continuation of the series. We catch up with our protagonists about a year after The Forgotten Legion concludes. We are deep in Margiana (Afghanistan) with Romulus, Brennus and Tarquinius as they are standing outside a secret temple for the warrior god Mithras. Tarquinus’ ability to see the future has been very scarce for several months and he is being put on the spot by Pacorus, the military leader, to give him a believable prophecy or face death. Mithras finally grants him a vision of an immediate attack.

Every time our heroes appear to get a little ahead in life, something comes along and sets them back.  However, they stick together through thick and thin.

As gritty as The Forgotten Legion was, The Silver Eagle takes it even further and I felt as if I was in the forum during the riot. Kane once again does an excellent job of bringing the past back to life and allowing the reader to travel to the edge of India and back across the Arabic peninsula.

Overall, I enjoyed The Silver Eagle quite a bit and I am eagerly awaiting the last book in the series.  While it was a great story, in my opinion it was not quite as good as the first installment.  Parts of the book seemed to go on forever and some story patterns got a little monotonous. Despite the small negatives, The Silver Eagle was well worth my time and for anyone interested in the ancient world, it will be a fun way to visit. Make sure you begin your journey with The Forgotten Legion – you won’t be disappointed.

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