Reviewed by Jessa L.

Mahri Zin lives in the swamplands surrounded by wilderness and endless mazes of rivers. Her village has fallen ill from a deadly fever for the second time; the first fever took the lives of her lifemate and child.

Mahri will do anything in her power to save her home and if it is not within her power, she has no qualms about kidnapping someone that does have the power she needs. She embarks on a long trip to the city where the royals reside and kidnaps a healer. She soons realizes the man she has impulsively kidnapped is none other than the crown prince of the Sea Royals, but by then, she has reached the point of no return. Mahri must take the prince to her village and do whatever it takes to save her friends and loved ones.

Korl Com’nder has lived a life of luxury as the handsome crown prince of the Sea Royals. He gives no thought to the fact that not everyone lives the way he does. He takes what he wants, when he wants, and never gives it a second thought. Things change rather drastically for him when he is kidnapped in the middle of the night by an outlaw smuggler and taken deep into a wilderness that he has never bothered to see before.

Korl realizes that if he is to survive and get back to the life he is used to, he has no choice but to cooperate and even get his hands dirty and help out. As he does so, he realizes just how life is for people outside his kingdom. Korl must then make a decision as to whether he will go back home and ignore it all, or make the choice to change and make a difference for everyone.

Kathryne Kennedy does a terrific job of creating a world of fantasy. She paints a vivid picture of an entirely new world with new people, creatures, and scenery. She is able to put words together in a manner that allows the readers to place themselves in the middle of the action and really relate to the characters.

Unfortunately, her skills for painting a picture with her words do not necesarily related to putting a complete story together. She focused so much on seeing what she sees with her mind’s eye that she got lost in the imagery and forgot that the story was supposed to go somewhere. I simply felt that Beneath the Thirteen Moons was rather repetitive; I kept waiting to see how things were going to develop and where the characters were going to take me, but nobody took me anywhere…

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