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Reviewed by Erin N.

There is a little black box with a lot of black secrets tucked away in the mind of a very troubled young lady. Enduring tragedy, misery, humiliation, starvation, and homelessness, it is shocking that this child has managed to live through it all to tell her tale. And, even more infuriating is the educational and legal systems that allowed this horrifically dysfunctional sham of a family to abuse Amanda and her siblings for what must be a span of 20 years.

Amanda was a scared little nine-year-old girl when her father first raped her. She was even younger when she learned that her father had been regularly raping her older sisters for years. Amanda was 10 when her father began to invite his friends over to rape his daughter with him. His abuse did not begin and end with his penis, though. He would savagely beat and torture his children for the most minor infractions. Several times, in a fit of anger, this man had scalped Amanda with his bare hands. And, Amanda’s obviously mentally unstable mother did nothing to protect her or her siblings. In fact, she would provide her husband with ammunition to further abuse the children.

Beneath the Silver Lining is a very difficult book to read. Not only is the level of human suffering so intense, but the book is full of incorrect grammar and spelling (although this may be deliberately done as a form of artistic license). Amanda Wolfe is a very brave woman to openly talk about the misfortunes she suffered as a child. The jacket on the book claims that this is the first book of a trilogy. Every reader can only hope that the second and third books will reveal that her sadistic parents are now locked up in the deepest, darkest cells reserved for the worst dregs of society.

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