Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

Ancient Egypt has captivated many history and archaeology enthusiasts over the years. Whether it’s the massive dynamic of the pyramids or perhaps the intrigue of ancient metropolises and pharaohs: Egypt still remains a puzzle to be solved.

Beneath the Sands of Egypt tells Donald P. Ryan’s first hand account of a lifetime spent trying to piece together what remains beneath the sands of Egypt’s past. Fascinated at an early age with archaeology, a young Donald Ryan spent his time reading National Geographic and dreaming of bones. Ryan spent his college years climbing mountains and preparing, training to withstand Egypt’s harsh environment.

Beneath the Sands of Egypt takes us along on the bumpy ride as the author becomes a respected archaeologist, and experiences the events that shape not only his family but his obsession with Egyptian history. Weaving life events with fact, this story not only educates the reader but allows them to live in the field through Ryan’s eyes.

I have always been fascinated with history and Egyptology and had great expectations of Beneath the Sands of Egypt. The book is written with knowledge and spunk and I would truly recommend it to all those history and archaeological enthusiasts out there.

Rating: 4/5

Jenna lives in the bustling city of Pittsburgh, PA with her fiance and her two beautiful cats. Along with her passion for reading and the literary world, she is also an artist, writer, environmental activist, creative coordinator and aspiring culinary genius. She believes there is nothing better to her then a good book, and lives one cover to the next.

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