Behind the Shattered GlassReviewed by Christen Krumm

I have been captivated by Tasha Alexander’s Lady Emily Mysteries since I picked up book one a few months back at the recommendation of a friend. Described as Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice with an added murder mystery, this series will surely enchant you as well.

Behind the Shattered Glass is Tasha Alexander’s eighth Lady Emily mystery — and while you do not necessarily need to read the seven books that come before, I highly recommend it if only to know the back story of how Emily and her current husband, Colin, came to be (it is quite the romance let me tell you). Behind the Shattered Glass literally starts out with a bang and sucks you right into the story when the Marquess of Montagu and the Hargreaves’ neighbor, stumbles into the family dinner party at Anglemore Park, the Hargreaves’ ancestral home, and dies on the spot leaving Emily and her hunky, mystery solving husband, Colin, to solve the latest mystery that has fallen into their laps. Who had motive for murdering the young aristocrat? Who was the mysterious woman seen walking with him moments before he was brutally attacked? The answers will surely surprise you!

I love Alexander’s web of mystery. Every time I thought I had figured out who killed the Marquess, another flag would raise up doubts and point towards someone else. And when the murderer is finally revealed in the last chapters, your jaw may very well drop (it is not who you think it is!) Another interesting spin on Alexander’s eighth book is the telling of the story not only from Lady Emily’s first person view, but also in the view of the “downstairs help”. It was a slight switch as you were not in Lady Emily’s head the entire story as you are with previous Lady Emily mysteries, but hearing the story from the servant’s eyes was an aspect that I enjoyed. It also gave the book a slight Downton Abbey feel as you were able to get to know the help and their feelings on the murder that happened within their own walls.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Christen is an aspiring author, book lover, and coffee drinker. She lives in Arkansas with her superhero husband and 2 mini people. Connect with her at her blog: ChristenKrumm.com or Twitter @christenkrumm.

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