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Reviewed by Heather Bryant

I am a writer and a blogger, and Joan Frank could not have come out with Because You Have To at a better time for me. Written mostly as an essay about the life of a writer, Frank is poignant and fearless on the good that can come out of all the negatives that writers of all types face on any given day.

I love how Frank shares the rejections she has experienced over the years and how she faced them head on until one day she got a yes from a publisher. Her book gives one courage to go ahead and write even if they are never published, that you write “because you have to” or feel stifled in your being.

Frank talks about how in this world of high tech gadgets and gizmos one has to block out time to be clearheaded and allow the words and thoughts to flow onto paper/computer.

Frank also discusses her feelings about her friends, those who are published, those who are not and those who do not even write and their reactions to her writing. You travel the envy road with her as she sees friends published while she is working hard to be published herself. There are no feelings spared here.

In the last few chapters she uses her own experience to cover marketing, reviewing and getting a book to the masses. This is now a how to book, just a boost your confidence book and I would highly recommend it to writers of every type that need a good pick me up.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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