Reviewed by Wendy Fitos

Makeup Artist Bobbi Brown’s 6th book, Beauty Rules: Fabulous Looks, Beauty Essentials, and Life Lessons, begins with Brown sharing her experiences from her teens and twenties; these experiences motivated her to write the book. She remembers her awkwardness through the years and how that awkwardness helped her grow and inspired her to become a makeup artist.

Beauty Rules touches on all areas of beauty including skincare, makeup, diet and nutrition, hygiene and exercise. Although Brown’s areas of expertise are makeup and skincare, she enriches the book by bringing experts to discuss the other aspects of the book to enhance the knowledge she is sharing.

The book reaches a diverse audience as she covers looks for women of all ethnicities, which is a specialty she achieved through her makeup line several years ago. She also includes different shapes and sizes and takes on skin care conditions such as acne and how it can be covered to maintain a polished and professional image. Brown goes a step further by addressing issues young males encounter and shows them how care for themselves.

Although many of the makeup tips have been covered in her other books, Beauty Rules is a valuable tool for the age group it is targeting. As always, getting to see Brown in photos with all her famous and not so famous clients is always a treat. Through her humble yet confident writing style, she continues to show why she appears in several media sources as the go to artist for education on the best and latest trends.

Wendy Fitos is a makeup artist and esthetician with 22 years of experience. Her goal is to educate women on how to create looks that will meet both professional and personal styles. Wendy lives in Cleveland, Ohio and enjoys reading and exercising.

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