Reviewed by Vera (Luxury Reading)

When I received Beautiful Skin Revealed, I was expecting a typical guide to good skin care: stick to a regular regimen, stay out of the sun, use SPF, etc. However, this book, penned by three doctors, offers a refreshingly different format that pairs difficult skin care conditions with specific cosmetic procedures.

Beautiful Skin Revealed is divided into 12 chapters that cover a single skin problem or a group of related problems. Topics covered include acne scars, birthmarks, rosacea, spider veins, stretch marks, wrinkles, and so on. Each chapter features a real-life case of one of Dr. Friedman’s patients who was treated with laser or light-based technology. The skin conditions and the treatments used are well explained and give the readers an idea of pricing, down time, and the level of discomfort possible. The before and after pictures of each patient also provide an idea of the type of results one can expect.

I enjoyed most sections of the book, but I found that Beautiful Skin Revealed really excelled in covering the more sensitive topics like skin cancer and traumatic scars. The chapter on skin cancer can help readers identify a cancerous mole, and offers hope for those that wind up with scars post mole removal. The chapter on scars and stretch marks features a young patient who was attacked by her dog at a young age and bitten along the chin. Her scars were significantly diminished through the use of lasers and are barely visible today.

If you have generally good skin and are simply looking for advice on a good skin care regimen, Beautiful Skin Revealedis not for you. Instead, this book offers guidance to those who suffer from more serious skin conditions and have been unable to find help. Beautiful Skin Revealed allows the reader to become more informed about their condition, and to be educated in looking for the most effective treatment.

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