Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova (Luxury Reading)

Mia Wells, a holistic interior designer, may be finally getting a break in her career. But, while at a business dinner, Mia receives a call that shakes up her entire existence and threatens the content facade she’s built up over the years.

There’s been a motorcycle accident and the victim’s doctor – Mia’s best friend Roxanne – struggles to save the man’s life. Mia rushes to the ICU, desperate to get a final glimpse, to say goodbye before it’s too late. However, the man she’s rushing to is not her husband of two years. The man lying in the hospital bed is the one who abruptly disappeared from Mia’s life twelve years before, leaving her devastated.

A senior in college, Mia fell fast and hard for Flynn, an ex-special ops Marine blowing through town. Despite Roxanne’s warnings, Mia felt that she knew the Flynn no one else did. She believed him when he promised not to leave without a warning…until he did.

With Flynn’s reappearance – albeit under unfortunate circumstances – Mia may finally get the answers she’s been waiting for, and have the chance to reunite with a love she’s never forgotten.

Beautiful Disaster by Laura Spinella was – just like Mia and Flynn’s love – sweet, and sexy, and at times painful. I’ve seen others fall madly in love with people who were strangers just the day before, so to me, Mia and Flynn’s instant connection felt real and genuine. That said, however,I did want to see more of a back story about Flynn instead of only learning of his past through his conversations with Mia.

While Mia and Flynn’s characters were easy to admire, Roxanne was just as easy to despise. She did want to protect Mia and her intentions may have been good, but she only came across as rigid, conniving, and paranoid. Given, her behavior was a direct result of her older sister Rory’s disastrous fate at the hands of a drug-peddling boyfriend, but it didn’t make it any more acceptable. If anything, Roxanne’s antics made me more curious about Rory and I wanted more than just a few lines scattered about her here and there.

I truly enjoyed Beautiful Disaster – minor flaws and all – and found it to be reminiscent of Nicholas Sparks’ writing. Many of us have experienced that all consuming love or infatuation, or know someone who did, and will appreciate a walk down memory lane with this novel. I look forward to seeing more from Spinella!

Rating: 4/5

Review copy was provided free of any obligation by Laura Spinella. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.