Reviewed by Grace Soledad

Beautiful Chaos is the third book in the Caster Chronicles series. Since Lena claimed herself as both Light and Dark, the balance of the universe has been upset. There are earthquakes, lakes in Gaitlin drying up, a heat wave, lubbers. Mrs. Lincoln tells everybody that the apocalypse is starting, but Lena and Ethan know the truth: Lena is the case of the anomalies. Meanwhile, Link and Ridley are in a love/hate relationship, they don’t know where John Breed is, and all the Casters’ powers are inconsistent and strange.

As a new song filters in about the “Eighteenth Moon”, Lena and Ethan find themselves on a race to find the meaning of the song and pray that they can save everybody. Ethan is losing his memory, though, and strange things are happening to him. Tastes that he’s loved since the second grade now seem awful to him, he can’t remember his own phone number, and Amma is going dark again. As the Eighteenth Moon draws nearer, one thing becomes painfully clear to everyone. Someone will have to die.

Third books are typically devastating for me. I was heartbroken while I read Beautiful Chaos because I wanted it to last forever, but the pages just kept turning. I felt like the book was a magnet for me. I was up until four in the morning just telling myself, “Okay, I’ll stop at the next chapter,” but I couldn’t ever actually stop. I was also really really nervous to read this installment because the synopsis promised that, “This time, there won’t be a happy ending”.

Ethan is the perfect boy. I may just be in love with him. He and Lena are perfect together and they both just know each other down to their souls. He was struggling with his memory throughout this book, and the hints about that were so subtle that I didn’t put it together until later in the book, which I loved. The writing style in Beautiful Chaos was superb. Not only do Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl have a keen knack for dialogue, but they know when to draw things out and when to heat things up.

The ending for this book killed me. As more and more people read Beautiful Chaos, you will probably hear about how the ending played with people’s hearts. I sobbed like a baby after finishing this book because while the ending for the story was appropriate, I was too attached to let them go. The good news is that there will be a fourth book, so I look forward to a different, and hopefully happier, ending.

Rating: 5/5

Grace Soledad is a teenage bibliophile who runs the blog Words Like Silver. She is described as “antisocial” because she constantly has her nose buried in a book or a notebook. When not reading, she can be found dancing, writing, or at the beach. 

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