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Julia Demarco thought everything wrong in her life was improving once she stopped the horrific crash she kept seeing in her visions. But unfortunately for Jules, things are never that easy–somehow, she’s passed on her vision ability to her boyfriend, Sawyer.

Sawyer’s family and Julia’s family are already in the middle of a feud that’s been going on for years, so the fact that they are dating is just one more problem that they have to worry about. Sawyer’s seeing visions of a shooting; a gun rings out with eleven shots, and there are eleven body bags. Even though it’s not happening to her anymore, Julia feels it’s her responsibility to help Sawyer figure out what his visions are trying to tell him. But it’s hard to decode something you can’t see–Julia and Sawyer will just have to do their best to get the answers in time.

I really enjoyed the first book in this series, Crash, and it left off with a cliffhanger ending that I wasn’t really sure of. Thankfully, Bang delivers on the intensity of the first book.

Events pick up a few weeks after the crash Julia saw, and she’s healing and returning to school while dealing with her angry parents who don’t know the whole truth. While Julia is extremely close to her siblings Trey and Rowan, there’s such a disconnect between her and her parents, more so than the other two children. Julia has learned some ugly things about her father’s past, and she’s resenting her mother for being so passive when it comes to him. Not much more is revealed when it comes to Julia’s father, but she begins to formulate some interesting theories about him which I hope come to fruition in the next books.

Julia and Sawyer’s relationship is lovely even though they have very very few moments of getting to act like normal 16 year olds. They’re either trying to dissect visions, or trying to stay out of sight of both of their families. Neither of their home lives are perfect, and there are so many things that the two have in common that it’s just touching to see how well they fit together. There is some boyfriend/girlfriend stuff happening, but the lack of mushy moments is really refreshing to see in young adult literature.

While I didn’t feel this story line packed quite as hard a punch as the one in the first book, it was still a page-turner. The action just felt kind of slower because the reader was getting it secondhand, and we don’t get to see what Sawyer sees because the book is told from Julia’s point of view. The end events moved really fast, and although I thought that was a shame it all came together nicely.

I’d definitely recommend Bang if you’ve read the first book–the story of Julia and Sawyer continues flowing beautifully and I believe things will only escalate from here.

Rating: ★★★★½ 

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