back to before book coverReviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

I love a little cheesy romance and this is exactly what Back to Before by Tracy Solheim was for me. It was light and easy to read, simple and I did not have to give much thought to character development, plot and what was going to happen next.

Gavin McAlister has a lot on his shoulders. His fiancé left him, his father is gone and his dreams are on hold. After the recent death of his father, he comes to realize that the family construction business is in debt and falling apart. Without burdening the rest of his family, Gavin sets out to find a way to salvage what little that he can. In order to save his family, he agrees to star in a home restoration show centered on a house in Chances Inlet, North Carolina.

Ginger Walsh, one-time soap opera actress who nobody likes, has picked up the odd job of doing make-up for the crew–a favor for her best friend. After a night out, Ginger ends up with Gavin and although the two of them try to keep their affair private, the whole town ends up talking. Gavin and Ginger have to figure out what they want from each other before they can move forward.

Since this was such a calm read, different than my normal book choice, I would most likely read another novel of Solheim’s in the future. It was a distraction from thought, sometimes what a book lover needs to regain her senses. Small towns have a way of not only charming their inhabitants, but big-city readers as well.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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