Reviewed by Coy M.

Rose May’s life is filled with abusive men: starting from her violent father to her vicious husband and all the men she dated in between. As Mrs. Ro Grandee, she manages to hide her cynicism under the perfect suburban home and a simple life. But, behind her picture perfect life are days filled with her husband’s beatings and her father-in-law’s demands.

Rose May’s life as Mrs. Ro Grandee unravels when her path crosses with a gypsy woman who tells her that her loving, abusive husband is going to kill her. Unless, of course, she kills him first. Rose May finds her wifely persona fading as she takes control of the situation with her cunning and her father’s gun. The book follows Rose May as she goes to find her long lost mother, who had once been dealt a fate similar to her daughter’s, all the while searching for her high school boyfriend and confronting a past she had run away from.

The most engaging of Backseat Saints was the internal struggle of the character as she was torn between being Rose May, the abused, sardonic girl; Ro Grandee, the quiet, ever loving wife; and Ivy Wheeler, a girl with no past who loves cowboy shoes. Whether as Ro Grandee, Rose May or Ivy, the character is likely to evoke sympathy in the reader.

I found Backseat Saints to be both sinister and exhilarating, a combination that made it hard to put the book down. The plot twisted and sped up like a roller coaster, leaving me with my heart at the base of my throat.  Joshilyn Jackson kept the story alive with amazingly vivid descriptions, and her sharp characterization and language ensured that there was never a dull moment.

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