Reviewed by Claudia Robinson

Meet the ladies of The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society – Eugenie, a later in life, second time around, newlywed, madly in love with her husband, who just happens to also be Sweetgum’s Pastor, suddenly finds herself defending her faith and loyalty; Merry, devoted wife and stay at home mother of two, a capricious teenage girl and bubbly baby boy, asked to make one of the most painful decisions a mother must make, career or family; Esther, newly widowed, is forced to sort out her new single life, dwindling financial status, with the sudden, unbidden, appearance of two very unlikely sources of ‘help’; Camille, owner of the designer clothing Boutique in Sweetgum, has always dreamed of leaving Sweetgum for better and bigger, when an old flame returns to town forcing her to reconsider her plans for the future; Maria, official town spinster, involuntarily returns to Sweetgum to manage her family’s home and business after the sudden death of her father; and Hannah, still in High School, forced to deal with the disinterest and abandonment of her own parents, a new love and the social peer pressures of Sweetgum High.

Together, these six, completely different, uniquely presented women form the Sweetgum Knit Lit Society; a once a month meeting of the minds and imagination, where literature is read and discussed, opinions expressed, accompanied by knitting projects best suited to the book choice of the month’s theme. When Eugenie settles upon Great Love Stories in Literature for the group, little does she know just how much each and every one of them will be affected by her choice and that the knitting of scarves and souls can be one and the same.

Beth Pattillo weaves a wonderful, warm tale of six women forced to examine their current positions/situations in life. Together with her readers, Beth journeys through the streets and homes of Sweetgum, exploring human nature, love, our desire to find happiness and the challenge of having and achieving our dreams. We get a front row seat in to the lives of these extraordinary women and the hard choices they make in order to remain true to themselves and watch as their friendships, some quite unusual, unfold and develop, as they help one another find their true paths and destinies without losing sight of their own.

The Sweetgum Ladies Knit for Love is like chocolate chip cookies and a glass of cold milk. A great little book to keep by your bed and bring out when snuggled under a down comforter and propped against plump pillows. Readers of all ages will cry, smile and cheer the Sweetgum Ladies on as they discover themselves and their true heart desires. A light, sweet read sure to please those in need of an uplifting, hope inspiring escape.

Claudia resides on Cape Cod and is a wife and mother of two. She attended Lasell College in Newton, MA, after spending 18 years abroad as the daughter of a Diplomat, her latest post being Belgium. Her desire is to work in the publishing business as an Editor.