Reviewed by Erin N.

Providence hasn’t been very kind to Lillian Diamon. After losing her parents and brothers to a house fire as a child, she is forced to endure the death of her children and husband in a tragic car accident – an accident that may not have been so accidental. Lillian uncovers evidence that her husband may have been leading a double life and the only person who can answer her questions (and protect her from those who seek revenge) is the sister who betrayed her.

Lillian’s journey through grief takes her to a small vineyard town where she is inexplicably drawn to a small cottage covered with roses and a sad history. Truman Clark, a local artist, finds himself inexplicably drawn to Lillian’s pain. He mistakenly (and anonymously) finds himself privy to her private grief, and soon discovers that he has fallen in love with this unknown woman who has inspired his artistic soul. An emotional painting and an unknown stalker set both Lillian and Truman on an adventure filled with intrigue and self-discovery.

Rose House is as story of betrayal, grief, redemption, and love. It’s set in the same Sonoma Valley that Forkner’s first novel, Ruby Among Us, takes place in as well and continues on with the lives of its residents. Aiming to inspire, Tina Ann Forkner creates a world and characters that are just as strong, delicate, and endearing as a rose.

Erin fell in love with the written word as a small child and subsequently spent most of her life happily devouring literature. She works as a freelance news, marketing, and technical writer. Erin lives just outside of Cleveland, Ohio with her husband, children, and grandchildren.