Reviewed by Anna F.

Setting: NYC. Present Day. The typical Manhattanite is thin, successful, confident and totally in control of her own happiness. But then there is B. B, short for Beauty, our Cuban heroine who has a weight problems that she has many theories for. Her confidence is further eroded by the fact that her best friend is a tiny Asian that all men flock to. And after overhearing her boss say she wouldn’t consider B for a promotion because of her appearance, the success she has been working so hard for feels unfairly out of reach.

Just when she becomes completely mortified with issues she has no control over, the chance encounter with the Russian Madame changes her outlook on life. Intrigued by Madame’s compliments, she becomes a “comfort provider” to rich, lonely men with fetishes for fat women. She not only discovers an assortment of strange things that these men desire, but also the confidence she didn’t think she deserved. Night after night she feels sorry for the men who need to hide their desires, and she decides to flaunt her newly found freedom of womanhood, beauty and confidence. She finds that love is looking at insecurities and oddities and finding beauty in them.

B’s strong voice in this first person narrative was able to hold my attention with quite humorous and entertaining anecdotes of some sad, some strange, all quirky characters. It is a great read simply for that, but also for its uplifting message of beauty, confidence, love, and the knowledge that we are all in control of our own happiness.