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About the book

Love, loss, death, courage, and survival all play a part in Sigrid MacRae’s A World Elsewhere. This stirring narrative, now in paperback, is the extraordinary and heartbreaking story of the author’s German father who died before she was born and her mother’s journey with six young children through war-torn Germany to reach the Allies.

Ten years after her mother’s death, Sigrid MacRae opened a box that revealed the singular story of her parents’ intercontinental love affair. While visiting Paris in 1927, her American-born mother, Aimée, raised in a wealthy Connecticut family, fell in love with Heinrich, a charming, sophisticated Baltic German baron, a penniless exile of the Russian revolution. They marry. But the harsh reality of post–World War I Germany is inescapable: a bleak economy and the rise of Hitler quash Heinrich’s diplomatic ambitions, and their struggling family farm north of Berlin drains Aimée’s modest fortune. When war breaks out, Heinrich is sent to France, then volunteers for the Russian front and is killed by a sniper. Widowed, now an enemy alien living in a country soon at war with her own, Aimée must fend for herself. With home and family in jeopardy, she and her children are forced to abandon their home and flee the advancing Russian army in an epic journey back to the country she thought she’d left behind.

A World Elsewhere shows a side of World War II rarely seen. It’s the story of ordinary, decent people trapped by a brutal regime, not as its chosen victims, but caught up nonetheless in the sweep of history. In recounting her mother’s remarkable story and delving into her father’s complex heritage, Sigrid MacRae reveals how world events affects individual lives and gives us in A World Elsewhere a memoir that is as haunting and poignant as any novel.

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