Reviewed by Meg Massey

The latest novel from Victoria Connelly, A Weekend with Mr. Darcy interweaves the stories of three Jane Austen fans who attend an Austen conference in Hampshire.

Katherine Roberts is a literary professor whose love for all things Austen is unparalleled. But Katherine would just die if her colleagues were to discover her secret admiration of regency romances, particularly the often risqué stories of best-selling author Lorna Warwick. Thrilled that she may meet her favorite author/penpal during a weekend-long Austen conference, Katherine packs her bags with anticipation.

Meanwhile, Robyn Love is stuck. Stuck in a dead-end job and a relationship that’s gone stale, Robyn is thrilled to get away from boyfriend Jace to attend the Austen conference. Once she arrives, she encounters Katherine, and the two immediately become friends.

The seminars and conversations about Miss Austen’s romances seem to get to the two women swiftly, as Katherine meets mysterious book collector Warwick Lawton, and Robyn is swept off her feet by the host’s handsome brother, Dan. But just like any Austen novel, complications arise quickly. Warwick is keeping a secret that could rip his new relationship with Katherine apart, and Robyn remains stuck between loyalty to Jace and her desire to follow her heart.

A breath of fresh air, A Weekend with Mr. Darcy made me feel as though I too attended the Austen conference with these lively, funny characters. Connelly provides just the right amount of facts about Miss Austen, revealing tidbits about the author’s life and works throughout the novel, whether in conversations between Robyn, Katherine and Warwick, or in games and seminars in which the attendees participated in during their stay at the conference. The supporting characters were a wonderful addition to the novel, particularly the dramatic and witty host, Dame Pamela, and Doris Norris, and Austen-loving attendee. And lastly, the romances of this novel brilliantly reveal one thing that Miss Austen always knew: true love is often a complicated, but beautiful mess.

Rating: 4.5/5

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