18528407Reviewed by Rebecca Donatelli

Ten years ago, Austin, Hunter and Alex became part of something bigger than they could have ever imagined. Sarah, their friend, committed suicide after many attempts to tell the people around her what was going causing an impact on their lives in many ways. Austin Treffen, son to the infamous Jason Treffen, father of good-deeds around New York, has struggled to put the pieces together for years until one day, Katy Michaels rounds the corner and unlocks information needed to put an end to the suffering.

Sarah, Katy’s older sister, along with their brother, Trey, grew up with a less than privileged life. Katy admired Sarah and her strength, the will to attend college and aspire to be something more in life, and will stop at nothing to avenge her sister’s death. After meeting Austen at his father’s Christmas party, the two have chemistry and end up on a wild ride of passion, dominance and secrets.

I have mixed feelings about Avenge Me and these series and although they were easy reads, I struggled to find substance within the characters. Austen is another typical strong-willed man with a preference for dominance and lacks emotion due to his past. I was looking for more of a story to build on the relationship he and Katy formed but it all seemed so rushed. I loved the idea of the book – in terms of the storyline with Sarah and Austen’s father being a philanthropist advocating for  women – but it quickly turned into a rush of events that were not fulfilling for me.

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 

Rebecca is passionate and insane, empathetic and aggressive, loud and predictable. She loves reading, writing, shopping and creating. She is what she is and it may not be what the world wants but it is what it is. Love.

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