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Reviewed by Meg Massey

Tom Wrought has just stepped off the train to London, preparing to meet Liz, the woman he loves. At the train station, he spots Trevor Spencer, who just happens to be Liz’s husband. Suddenly, a third man emerges and pushes Trevor on to the tracks, in front of a speeding train. In the horrible moments that follow, Tom realizes that he will be accused of Trevor’s murder. Sure enough, he is taken in to custody.

The police believe that they have their man, but Tom insists he is innocent. Liz believes him, and enlists the help of solicitor Alice Silverstone to help Tom. As the two women work together to prove Tom’s innocence, they discover information about his past that could clear him, or kill him.

The first few portions of Autumn in Oxford are told in a flowing, easily read third person narrative style. Midway through, however, the perspective shifts to Tom’s own first-person voice as he records his life story at Alice’s prodding. She hopes that his writing will reveal an individual from his past that may have motive to frame him. Unfortunately, his past as a member of the communist party, military man, Pulitzer Prize winning historian and spy lead Alice and Liz to a number of possible enemies that may have had motive to silence Tom. Will they be able to uncover the true culprit and prove his innocence in time to save his life?

Autumn in Oxford is an intricate tale that weaves the past and present, drawing from historical events that ultimately propel this narrative. While Liz and Tom’s romance seems doomed, this element of the story is compelling and often left me wondering if it was possible that one of them committed the crime. While portions of Tom’s narrative in the middle of the novel were somewhat difficult to read, the rest of the novel flowed rather freely. Between the history, the romance, and a lot of espionage, this story is sure to intrigue and excite readers.

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