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In addition to free reviews, we are now offering paid reviews through Luxury Reading PR. We receive hundreds of pitches from authors and publicists every month and are only able to accept less than 10% of the books that are pitched to us. With Luxury Reading PR, we guarantee a review in as little as 4 weeks.

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Benefits of a paid review:

  • Our prices are very affordable. We offer both regular and expedited reviews, and discounted rates for children’s books.
  • Your book will be given priority and you will receive a review within the allotted time, or your money back.
  • Free reviews usually require a printed book. With a paid review, you can send an eBook (all formats accepted) and save money on printing and shipping.
  • You will have the final say about the fate of the review. We will never post the review anywhere without your permission.
  • The price of the review includes posting to a retail or social media site of your choice. All reviews are automatically fed to Facebook and Twitter. Five-star reviews are also pinned to our various “Best Books” boards on Pinterest.

Customer Feedback

Working with Luxury Reading PR was a fantastic experience. They were quick, friendly, and affordable. So great to find that option available!
Jay Amberg, author of Cycle
I’ve loved working with Luxury Reading. They’re professional, fast and even though they’re a large book review site, they take the time for one-on-one service.
Sherban Young, author of Fleeting Memory
Thanks again for this service, I really feel like I got what I paid for, which was an honest critique by a person who would actually read the book.
R.K., author of Travels with a Road Dog
The review of my book was first-rate. Although the book’s subject matter was at times complex, the reviewer presented a crisp and accurate summary that was clearly based on a thorough reading of the text, and from my perspective was a fair and balanced commentary. What’s more, the review itself was beautifully written, with a style and clarity we authors would do well to emulate!
The review is thorough and well written. Please thank the reviewer for his read and his efforts. It is all an author could expect – and more!
John Graves, author of Fracking, America's Alternative Energy Revolution
Thank you so much for your expeditious review. I found it to be an insightful and thought-provoking analysis of my work. It is such a pleasure to have someone review a book in such a way that it gives a potential reader enough information to decide if the material would be of interest to them or not. You definitely accomplished that.
Marion Witte, author of Little Madhouse on the Prairie: A True-Life Story of Overcoming Abuse and Healing the Spirit
Luxury Reading offers honest, direct and thoughtful reviews, services and author support. They are organized, helpful and sincere about the business, and the pleasure, of reading books. A professional service that helped me, as an author, a lot.
Michael Pronko, author of Motions and Moments
I found the review service very professional. The review was timely and well written with considerable insight that impressed me. Thank you!
Lara Nance, author of God's Tribe
As the writer of an experimental piece, I was happy to see an incredibly detailed review of my book. The review highlighted elements of my story that I feared could go unnoticed. Luxury Reading is a great place for readers to discover and writers to get noticed.
Calen Sifferman, author of A Book About a Film
It was a pleasure to work with Luxury Reading. The process of having my book reviewed was seamless and easy. The review was detailed and layered with insightful interpretations of The Road Home and its characters. The review presented elements that resonated with the reviewer most as well as why particular characters and interactions had impact. The reviewer also indicated aspects or characters that she liked less, giving any prospective readers a full understanding of what this specific reader found to be most important in the story. Thanks so very much for this service, Vera and I look forward to working with you again!
Kathleen Shoop
I was very pleased with the professionalism: well-written review, on schedule response at an affordable price. Since reviews are critical, I would recommend Luxury Reading to other authors.
Joyce Harrison, author of The Blue Flamingo
Working with Luxury Reading was as good as it gets! The review of my novel was thorough, thoughtful and well written. It was clear that the reviewer took time to think about the nuances of the book and offer cogent analysis that would assist any reader in considering it. What’s more, the original review had a “spoiler” in it that gave away a turning point in the story, and I asked that it be removed, which was done immediately and with grace. I could not have been happier with their professionalism and service –from beginning to end– and I will absolutely use Luxury Reading PR for my next novel.


1. Ready to request a review? Fill out the form below, provide as much detail about your book as you can, select your submission type (print or digital) and choose between a Standard (7-10 weeks) or Expedited (4-6 weeks) review service. Each review service also includes distribution to a retail or social media site of your choice. We will contact you within 24 hours to complete the order.

2. Upon receipt of your book and a completed payment, your book will be assigned to a qualified reviewer who will read the entire book within the allotted time and provide a detailed review of at least 350 words.

3. You will receive an email from Luxury Reading PR when your review is ready; the review will be attached in Word format. Please take the time to read through the review and decide whether or not you would like to see it published. If you choose to keep it private, there’s nothing else you need to do. If you would like to see it published on, please reply to the e-mail to let us know. At that time, we will also provide you with the exact posting date of the review.

4. Your approved review will also be distributed to a retail or social media site of your choice. Reviews can be distributed to additional sites for an extra fee. All reviews are automatically re-posted to Twitter and Facebook. Please note that while you may use excerpts from the review in the Editorial Reviews section of Author Central on Amazon, we cannot re-post entire reviews to Amazon or GoodReads.


We post plenty of free reviews at, but given the number of pitches we receive every month, we’re only able to review about 10% of all the books that are pitched. Reviewers are free to select the books they review, and that often results in them selecting authors they’ve already read or heard about. In addition, turn around times with free reviews can range from 1 to 8 months.

With Luxury Reading PR, you are guaranteed a review in as little as 4 weeks. Your book will be assigned to a qualified reviewer who will write a fair and detailed review.  Most importantly, you will have complete control over the final fate of your review. If a review is not what you expected, it will never be published anywhere.

For books under 300 pages, standard reviews are $67 and require 7-8 weeks. Expedited reviews are $87 and require 4-5 weeks.

For books over 300 pages, standard reviews are $87 and expedited reviews are $107.

Yes, we accept both eBooks and print books through Luxury Reading PR.
No. Our reviews are always honest and fair, and paid reviews are no exception. We try to be constructive in our criticism (if it’s necessary), and hope that even a less than stellar review will be of benefit to you in your future endeavors. Remember, with Luxury Reading PR, you have the final say over whether or not the review sees the light of day.
We will send you a Paypal invoice by e-mail. You do not need to have an account with Paypal to make your payment.
No. The fee you pay covers the time and effort a reviewer will put into reading and reviewing your book.
You are welcome to quote from the review without changing the wording as long as you list as the source. You may use the review for your personal website, Facebook site, your book cover, etc. Amazon and other retail sites offer Editorial Reviews sections where authors can post quotes/excerpts from reviews.
Yes, we will post the review at with you permission. Depending on the package you choose, the review can also be posted to 1 or 2 retail or social media sites of your choice. We cannot post reviews to Amazon or GoodReads–paid reviews on those sites are against their terms and conditions and are routinely removed. You are welcome to add the review to Amazon under their Editorial Reviews section.
We will review books published years ago, older books being re-released as eBooks or ones that do not have a publication yet. We do not set restrictions around publication dates.
Yes and no. We are cognizant of the fact that advanced readers’ copies (ARCs) may have some mistakes and will likely go through changes before publication. Similar mistakes in final copies do detract from the reading experience and may be mentioned in the review.
We do accept most books. However, we want to make sure that your book is assigned to a qualified reviewer who is able to write an impartial and fair review. If we are unable to make that assignment, we will let you know within 24 hours and no fees will be charged.
We are happy to answer any additional questions you may have. Click here to send an e-mail.