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Authors Behaving Badly, Part 2

[ 5 ] January 16, 2012 |

Just as I finished my Authors Behaving Badly post, Luxury Reading reviewer Jennifer brought another incident to my attention.

Wendy Darling, blogger at The Midnight Garden, posted a review of The Selection by Kiera Cass on her blog as well as Goodreads (see Goodreads post here). The author and her agent, Elana Roth, processed to complain about the review on Twitter and Roth even went so far as to call Wendy a “bitch” for her review. The tweets are now gone – Cass and Roth must have come to their senses – but Wendy took screen shots of the evidence (see them here).

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  1. 4
    Colleen Turner says:

    There is no excuse or reason for using that kind of language or attacking someone like that. Sometimes I feel like one of the few people who live by the motto “treat others as you wish to be treated”. That is just classless and the author and publicist should be ashamed of themselves!

  2. 3
    Carol Wong says:

    There is no excuse for using the “B” word. I would stay away from the author and the publicist.

    I really agree that a book may great for some people and horrible for others. I am currently reading a book with bad reviews on Goodreads. I picked it out at the beginning because I was drawn to the idea. The interesting thing is that I am loving this book. It is one of those that you either love it or hate it.

    The author and publicist are digging their own grave by going after the negative reviews. Their behavior will turn others off from giving them a try.

    Carol Wong

  3. 2
    Esme says:

    That is beyond being unprofessional. When I had my incident the author had her friends gang up on me. It was not too hard to figure out they were the author’s friends. I wrote the publicist who must have spoken to the author as the author’s negative post about me was immediately taken down. Face it author-not everyone is going to like your book. That is fine-the world would be quite boring if we all liked the same thing. However just because someone criticizes you is no reason to be rude and petty. If you do not like criticism then do not put your writing in the public eye. I do not know Wendy-what a terrible experience. Since when is it acceptable to call someone a b????. I hope she is kinder to her child than she is her readers.

  4. 1
    Jen says:

    I’ve been friends with Wendy on Goodreads for a long time, and it really upset me to see her get slammed like this. I am happy she stuck to her guns, though, and love her reviews. They are always honest, and also very entertaining! She and I don’t always agree on books, but I always read her reviews and find them helpful.
    Jen recently posted..Birthmarked by Caragh O’Brien

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