I really thought that the wave of authors bashing reviewers was over. Unfortunately, I was wrong…

I wrote before about authors Sylvia Masser (see post here) and Jacqueline Howett (see post here) who went off on several bloggers for giving their books poor reviews.

Recently, more authors took to berating bloggers who were critical of these authors’ “masterpieces”:

  • Mike Coe, author of Flight to Paradise, posted countless comments in response to the review of his book on The Self-Publishing Review. He started off on a somewhat positive note and spiraled off into the abyss by posting dozens of other reviews and writing essay-long comments trying to prove that the review was unjustified. See the exchange here.
  • Bloggers at All Things Urban Fantasy must have been so fed up with self-published authors behaving badly that they created an entire page explaining why they no longer accept self-published titles for review. See the page here.
  • Urban fantasy author Jess Haines posted her own response to the craziness in a post titled “Some Authors and Reviewers Are Having Angries on the Internet”. She offers some great tips to authors and bloggers for dealing with each other.
  • Self-published authors are not the only ones exhibiting poor behavior. Leigh Fallon, author of Carrier of the Mark which was published by HarperTeen, posted a nasty comment about Stephanie at Book Catching after Stephanie gave the book a 1 star rating (see the review here). We reviewed Carrier of the Mark as well and gave it 3 stars, but everyone is entitled to their opinion and Fallon’s response was rude and unwarranted. You can see the entire discussion at GoodReads, but here’s Fallon’s comment as posted by Stephanie:

There is the stupid cow from Goodreads who has been real nasty and keeps doing up really bad reviews of Carrier, then gets her friends to go in and ‘like’ her bad reviews so that that review will be pushed up to the top of all the lists. Now she’s put it up on Amazon! She is a disgruntled old cow who doesn’t like me and how I got published. There’s no point in saying anything about her or responding (she loves that) but what we can do is push her review back down the list by bringing all the good reviews back to the top. How do we do this? Well at the end of each review there is a little button where you can say whether you found the review helpful. Click YES on the good reviews. The more reviews you click YES you click on the good reviews the further down the list that bitch will go. If you leave a comment on the good reviews, that helps too. She’s already got over 20 of her buds to YES her review so we will need to find more people than that to YES the good reviews. There are about 8 pages of reviews (that’s about 7 reviews or something like that) so we can bury this horrible toe rag down the very bottom if you help me out.

As far as I’m aware, you don’t have to have bought anything on Amazon to get your vote to count. You just need to be a registered user. It only takes about 5 mins to go through all the reviews and YES the good ones. I’m not asking to dickie with the system or anything, it’s just moving a horrible review from the top spot. It’s so long, you have to scroll for ages until you get to the good ones. I’d really appreciated it help on his. I’d also love if you could maybe gets some friends or family to do the same.

Thanks a million, guys. You’re the best. Leigh

Looks like Fallon’s attempt backfired since a negative review on Amazon received 764 helpful votes…

So what are your thoughts? What drives authors to behave in this manner and attack those that are taking the time to read their books and post their honest opinions? Any authors out there who’d like to weigh in?