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27 02, 2014

Guest Post: Researching Authors’ Lives by Ian Skillicorn

By | February 27th, 2014|Categories: Authors, Guest Posts|Tags: |4 Comments


The Property of a Gentleman cover artworkby Ian Skillicorn

In the best publisher/author relationships both work together as a team, towards the shared goal of making the book as good as it can be, and introducing it to as wide a readership as possible. This collaborative process is certainly something I appreciate as a publisher. But in the case of reissuing the novels of authors who are no longer with us, I have to find a different approach to connect readers with the work. Obviously (and sadly), I can’t liaise with my authors over the content of blogs, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, or set up interviews and guest posts. Instead, I do my own research into the writers’ lives and careers, and find ways to share my knowledge, and enthusiasm, with the reading public. This has been my recent experience while publishing

23 01, 2014

Guest Post & Giveaway: North of Boston by Elisabeth Elo

By | January 23rd, 2014|Categories: Authors, Giveaways, Guest Posts|Tags: , |13 Comments


Elisabeth Elo.credit Farhod FamilyPlease welcome Elisabeth Elo, author of the novel North of Boston!

And don’t forge to enter to win a copy of the book below – open to US residents only.

by Elisabeth Elo

One of the most potentially gratifying or horrifying moments in the publishing process is the one when you first read the publisher’s marketing copy for your book. That is the two or three paragraphs that the marketing department has written to tell potential readers what your book is about. Sometimes it’s not what you expect.

One of the marketing pieces for North of Boston, for example, prominently describes the main character, Pirio Kasparov, as a “gutsy heroine [who] possesses the rare ability to endure Arctic-cold water.”

I remember wincing. The description made Pirio sound like a bionic woman rather than a real person. (She’s not a

13 08, 2013

Guest Post: Lindsay Ashford

By | August 13th, 2013|Categories: Authors, Guest Posts|Tags: |7 Comments


9781402282126-PRPlease welcome Lindsay Ashford, author of The Mysterious Death of Miss Jane Austen!

by Lindsay Ashford

I’m lucky enough to have a writing space that many authors would give their eye teeth for: the library of a five-hundred-year-old house that once belonged to Jane Austen’s brother.

The Elizabethan manor house is in the English village of Chawton, a stone’s throw from the cottage where Jane lived with her mother and sister. I moved there in 2008 when my fiancé was offered a job at Chawton House. The old mansion was restored a few years ago by American philanthropist Sandy Lerner, who is a big fan of Austen. She decided it would be the perfect place for her collection of early English women’s writing and the room that was once Edward Austen’s library is now full of fascinating old books, including a wealth of material about

29 07, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Hold Tight to Ties that Bind by Suzanne Woods Fisher

By | July 29th, 2013|Categories: Authors, Giveaways, Guest Posts|Tags: , |3 Comments



Today, please welcome to my blog author Suzanne Woods Fisher! Book one, The Letters, in Suzanne’s new series, Inn at Eagle Hill, is about to release on August 1. Suzanne is hosting a scavenger hunt July 23 – August 1, and I’m one of the stops! Keep an eye on Suzanne’s blog for a clue as to that day’s scavenger-hunt stop and visit for a sneak peek at The Letters and the chance to win a copy of the book!

“Every man must do his own growing, no matter who his grandfather was.” Amish proverb

In The Letters, Dean Schrock had been found drowned in a pond, shattering his family’s world. The eldest son took off to find his own path, the oldest daughter tried to hold things together for her

22 07, 2013

Author Guest Post: Megan Mulry, author of If the Shoe Fits

By | July 22nd, 2013|Categories: Authors, Guest Posts|Tags: |2 Comments


9781402270000-PRPlease welcome Megan Mulry, author of If the Shoe Fits, as she talks about writing chick lit!

by Megan Mulry

Wow! I can’t believe you used the C word! I thought we weren’t supposed to say Chick Lit in polite company anymore. Hooray! Yes! I write Chick Lit. I mean, um, I think I do. Maybe.

It seemed so obvious at first…I wanted a contemporary setting with a heroine/protagonist (again, gets tricky when you are genre-holed…romance readers expect a heroine, while lit readers expect a protagonist). Anyway, what I wanted to READ was a book with the sex-on-the-page hotness of a great romance and the ambiguity and tension of literary fiction, but with lots of humor and a 100% guaranteed happily ever after. So that’s what I ended up writing. I’m a strong believer in that whole write-what-you-want-to-read chestnut, because

18 06, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Susan Shea, author of The King’s Jar

By | June 18th, 2013|Categories: Authors, Giveaways, Guest Posts|Tags: , |13 Comments


SShea_1080-2Please welcome Susan Shea, author of the novel The King’s Jar.

And don’t forge to enter to win a copy of the book below – open to US and Canada!

by Susan Shea

Little did I realize when I sent in an entry to a writing contest decades ago that it would lead me down the long, winding, and wonderful path that I’m on today with the publication of the second Dani O’Rourke mystery, The King’s Jar. The old San Francisco Examiner held a contest to finish a John D. MacDonald novel that was being serialized. I won, joined Mystery Writers of America’s San Francisco chapter, met all these cool people, and decided this was the life for me.

Well, not the bill-paying life. I listened to the advice other MWA members shared: Don’t quit your day

5 04, 2013

Guest Post & Giveaway: Wendy Wax, author of While We Were Watching Downton Abbey

By | April 5th, 2013|Categories: Authors, Giveaways, Guest Posts|Tags: , |33 Comments


author photo 2011 IMG_7757rc3Please welcome Wendy Wax, author of the novel While We Were Watching Downton Abbey!

And don’t forge to enter to win a copy of the book below – open to US and Canada!

Mary Poppins Had it Right

by Wendy Wax

I have a lot of respect for authors who write deep dark journeys into the center of the soul. I even like scary ghost tales that keep me awake late into the night analyzing every creak and moan of wind. I have also read plenty of thrillers in which the hero must be brutally tortured at least once before he breaks free and saves the day. But the truth is that when I pick up a book eager to be transported into another world, I don’t want to be beaten up too badly while I’m there.

I feel

4 04, 2013

Guest Post: Samantha Wilde, author of I’ll Take What She Has

By | April 4th, 2013|Categories: Authors, For New Mothers, Gift Ideas, Guest Posts|Tags: |3 Comments


new bannerPlease welcome Samantha Wilde, author of I’ll Take What She Has, as she talks about envy, women and motherhood!

Monsters, Dragons, Castles, And Other Things I Don’t (Really) Write About

by Samantha Wilde

I challenge you to think of one novel that doesn’t have a theme of envy skirting around the edges of the plot. It was Shakespeare (in Othello) who first wrote about the green-eyed monster, now a classic topical-feast for literature, inspiring, as it does, all kinds of fascinating plot-twists. It can ruin marriages, break apart families, change the course of wars, drive women insane, and cripple men emotionally. Amazing, isn’t it, that so much great fiction can come out of one little thought: I want what she has?

But then art, as they say, imitates life. Quick, think of someone you envy. I don’t mean the ripping your hair out with

1 04, 2013

Guest Post: Maria Goodin, author of From the Kitchen of Half Truth

By | April 1st, 2013|Categories: Authors, Guest Posts|Tags: |2 Comments


9781402279485_p0_v2_s260x420Please welcome Maria Goodin, author of From the Kitchen of Half Truth, as she writes about her path to becoming a published author!

by Maria Goodin

If you’re going to write a novel, then you need to find your voice. It took me a while to work this out.

I tried to write my first novel when I was sixteen and it was a struggle, largely because I was desperately trying to imitate the type of book I was reading at the time. I loved teen horror writer Christopher Pike and my favorite film was The Lost Boys, but I had also been influenced by the Sweet Valley High series, so the result of my hard work was something like Twilight meets Beverly Hills 90210. The book, set in California, featured pretty blonde cheerleaders, hunky football players and all the trials and tribulations of high school, as

28 03, 2013

Guest Post: Molly McAdams

By | March 28th, 2013|Categories: Authors, Guest Posts|Tags: |2 Comments


imagesPlease welcome Molly McAdams as she talks about the emerging New Adult genre!

by Molly McAdams

People have many ways of defining the New Adult genre; whether it’s the general age group that you’ll find in the stories, the problems the characters may face or the intensity of the steamy scenes…different readers and authors see it their own way.

I feel the New Adult genre is about the experiences we’ll have, the freedom we’ll finally taste and the lessons we’ll learn…most likely the hard way. It’s all about the time in your life when you’ve just legally become an adult and you’re learning what exactly it means to be an adult. People are excited to hit that age, and to finally be able to say they are “legal”; but going into that time in your life can be more overwhelming than you’re prepared for.