AshesReviewed by Amanda Farmer

If you’re looking for a great dystopian book, then look no further than Ashes of Twilight, a wonderfully written book about a city existing under a dome for two hundred years. The city was built under the dome to protect the royal family of England from a comet that was heading towards Earth. Two hundred years later, the city finds itself stretched to its limits and some of the people start to talk about what is on the other side of the dome. The royal family would have them believe that there is nothing but death out there, but the people aren’t convinced.

We meet Wren, a coal miner working under the city, who is not happy about working for the royals and not being allowed to go above ground because of her social status. Wren often sneaks above ground to watch the city wake up, and knows she is at risk of punishment if caught, but that is part of the excitement for her.

Wren’s friend, Alex (another coal miner), decides he wants to leave the dome altogether. Alex attempts to leave the city but is found burned. Was he burned by the “outside” or by the enforcers (police)? Wren is with him as he whispers his last words, “The sky is blue”.

From this point on, Wren is torn in many different directions, but she keeps returning to Alex’s last words. Eventually she teams up with Pace, an enforcer forced to go into hiding because his own people are looking for him. Wren hides Pace in the coal mines and they develop a friendship then something more as the story moves along. Wren and Pace, along with Wren’s friends, Peggy, James, Lucy, and others create a plan to escape the dome and see what is outside. They believe Alex saw a blue sky and that the outside of the dome can offer them more than what they’ve come to expect from their present situations. They create a plan that doesn’t quite pan out, but gets the job done. During the escape, Wren discovers who her biological father is and it’s quite a surprise for both her and the reader. The domed city will not be the same after Wren is finished with it.

Throughout the story, the reader is drawn into Wren’s world and the hardships the families face living under the dome. Kassy Tayler has created a fresh story with lots of twists and turns and a few surprises thrown in. This story has everything from family, friendship and love, to survival, death, heartache, and so much more.

I loved reading this story and hope that there will be a sequel in the works soon.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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