9781781571392Reviewed by Jenna Arthur

When you think of Neil Gaiman, do you think of The Sandman comic books? Mirrormask? Although Neil Gaiman is famous for these works, as well as his hit BBC series and comic books Neverwhere, Gaiman’s body of work and personality far exceed what most people know him for.

In The Art of Neil Gaiman, Hayley Campbell tells a tale of a man most people do not know. I, for one, was expecting a completely different book when I first opened this gorgeously bound hardback. Expecting an array of beautiful images and beautifully penned quotes by the master himself, I was instead given access into a world of Gaiman’s inner workings. Throughout the book, Campbell shows Gaiman’s reasoning behind his characters, his collaborations and gives a glimpse into his life both past and present.

Gaiman is unlike any other artist or writer in the market today. He doesn’t so much as write stories, like other authors and artists might, but lets his life do the writing for him. When he was younger, Gaiman hated the idea of college. So instead, he picked up a pen and started what is now an epic body of work. A memorable quote in the book refers to Gaiman’s reasoning behind his choice not pursue school like other students his age were doing at the time. Paraphrased, he said, “School does not teach you what to say to a person who is dying….School doesn’t teach you what is in someone else’s mind…. School does not teach you how to love somebody.”

The Art of Neil Gaiman has everything a fan or even someone newly introduced to Gaiman could ever want to know. It contains everything from brilliant revelations on his characters, such as Death, to how even at his level of notoriety he is still humbled and even sometimes surprised when his works get published. This book is beautiful inside and out; with art, words, and quotes Campbell brilliantly portrays the master himself.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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