apprentice in death book coverReviewed by Amanda Schafer

Lieutenant Eve Dallas is known for her ability to work hard and solve her crimes, so when three people are killed at a Central Park ice skating rink, she is brought in to track down the killer. When they determine that the killer shot these people from a long way away, they are able to quickly narrow their suspects. But when the killer strikes again, this time killing more than three, Dallas knows they have to move quicker and be better than the sniper. Thankfully, her husband, Roarke, is a genius when it comes to computers and programming and is able to help her and the NYPSD in tracking down the location of the sniper’s nest. When it turns out that the sniper isn’t just one person, but two, they realize they have a master and an apprentice. But why? What is the agenda?

Once they’ve identified their suspects it’s a matter of tracking them down and stopping them. That becomes even more important when the snipers attack again, this time taking out multiple people. Eve, more determined than ever, isn’t sleeping or eating and knows she’s racing the clock to get these people behind bars. When they capture the master and trick him into giving up the location of his apprentice, Eve goes in to overdrive to make sure no more people die.

Even though Apprentice in Death was the first in the In Death series that I’ve read, I immediately felt connected with the majority of the characters and was able to dive right into the story. These books are written in the future (2050 and later, I believe) so there’s a bit of a learning curve with regards to certain terminologies but those were easy to adapt to.  I’d be interested in going back and starting this series from the beginning and catching up on all the details of Eve and Roarke!

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