a piece of cake book coverReviewed by Alyssa Katanic

A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham is a super cute story of a mouse who spends his entire morning and uses everything in his pantry to bake his friend, Little Bird, a birthday cake. On his way to deliver the cake, however, he meets with some other friends who REALLY want a piece of cake and are willing to trade some interesting objects for a piece. Mouse, a kind heart who can’t say “no” and who knows that Little Bird wouldn’t mind sharing, agrees to the trades and arrives at his friend’s house with no cake and a few interesting gifts of items for which he has traded. He explains to Little Bird what has happened and apologizes that he has no birthday cake to offer and no more ingredients to bake a new cake. Little Bird is thankful for his gifts and knows just what to do to get what they need for a new cake. With a few surprising swaps, Little Bird and Mouse gather the fresh ingredients and prepare a cake large enough to host a party with all of their friends!

My children loved the surprising swaps that Little Bird offered his friends as he and Mouse gathered ingredients. They were giggling at Little Bird’s creativity and Mouse’s surprised facial expressions in this wonderfully illustrated picture book. Pham does a great job of exploring friendship, baking, and creative engineering in A Piece of Cake.

A Piece of Cake by LeUyen Pham is a great cuddle-read with your favorite little one(s), as well as a great Circle Time read in a group or class setting. There will be plenty of giggles, some great conversation starters, and many spring board projects to do together, like bending wires with which to blow bubbles, or baking a cake of your own.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

Alyssa Katanic is a wife and homeschooling mother of 7 children under 11 years old. She loves reading and collecting great books to share with others and knows that one can never have too many!

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