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Reviewed by Bethany Kelly

Aphrodite’s Choice by Christy English re-imagines the tale of Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, giving the reader a different take on the various gods and goddesses of Greek mythology.

Aphrodite has been living among mortals for over 9,000 years, offering the blessing of the Goddess one night, and to one man at a time. Each time she takes them to bed, she heals their wounds, both physical and mental, and then leaves before they awaken. These men, although healed, don’t remember anything about her or about the night they shared.

However, there are men out there (the Brotherhood) that do not want to accept the blessing, but instead, see her as a witch–something to be feared and killed. As Aphrodite journeys across the globe to escape the Brotherhood, she finds out that the man tasked on killing her, Steve, isn’t a member in spirit, and they attempt to escape together, falling in love and finding out a surprising truth about how their lives are woven together in the process.

Will they be able to escape the clutches of the Brotherhood? And if they do, will Steve be able to remember Aphrodite if they decide to physically express their love to one another?

I have always tended to shy away from paranormal romances, but I love stories about the Greek gods and goddesses, so I decided to give this book a try. Let me tell you, I am so happy that I did! This book had me hooked from the very beginning and all the way through until the final page.

All of the characters in this novel are compelling and well thought out. This new take on Greek mythology is not only interesting, but new and fresh…unlike any other book that I’ve read before.

English has a way with words that makes you want to keep reading into the wee hours of the late night/early morning. Her diction is impeccable; the words she chooses fit the genre and type of book really well, and they also help build the scene from the ground up in your head. I could picture each and every thing that she described, including smells, which is very impressive.

If I had one complaint about this book, it is that it ended so soon! I would definitely recommend this book to anyone looking for a new spin on books regarding Greek mythology with a bit of romance sprinkled into it, and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in this series.

Aphrodite’s Choice

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