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Reviewed by Amanda Schafer

Annalisa’s former husband, whom she found dead in a field, was good-for-nothing and took all of her saved money and gambled it away. But now that he’s dead, she’s even worse off than before because at least he was able to work the land and potentially pay off their loan in the fall. When her father decides that he will write to the old country for someone else to come and marry her, Annalisa doesn’t know if she should feel relief or apprehension.

Carl von Reichart is a teacher and chemist but also a nobleman who was wrongly accused of murder and is facing the guillotine. His friend sets him free and sends him to America to help out the family of Annalisa Werner until her new husband arrives. But Carl’s friend warns him to use the name Carl Richards so that the Werner family won’t know who he is because they have a deep seated hate for the von Reichart family. When he arrives on Annalisa’s farm and finds her attractive and helpless, Carl works for her and her growing family so that they might make it through the hard days ahead. But Carl also finds himself enjoying the hard work and the idea of working with his hands. How can he continue the charade of allowing Annalisa and her family to believe him to be something he’s not?

Annalisa finds herself falling in love with Carl, but is constantly afraid for the time when her new husband will arrive. Will he be like her old husband? Will he be like her sister’s husband and hit her for doing something wrong? Why can’t she just have Carl, who is tender and kind, sweet and honest, loving and loyal?

Carl wants to allow himself to love Annalisa, but feels dishonest and deceptive letting her think that he’s something he isn’t  When her new husband arrives, he realizes that he has to come clean and tell the family who he really is. He must risk his relationship with Annalisa in order to be a man and be noble, knowing that it will likely end any chance he has to be her groom.

I’ve never read a book by Jody Hedlund before and found A Noble Groom to be a very pleasant story. I was a little frustrated that she kept referring to Carl’s abilities as a teacher and a chemist, but she did very little with that information in the story. Aside from that, the book was very well-written. I especially enjoyed the portion that dealt with the historic fire that ravaged the land during that time.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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