Reviewed by Melanie Kline

AMAZING is a one word summary of Angel by Nicole “Coco” Marrow and Laura Hayden.

A woman wakes up just before her plane crash lands on the Hudson River; she has no time to figure out what is going on. She acts on gut instinct and endangers herself even further when she swims toward the sinking wreckage to rescue a baby – the only other survivor of the crash.

She should be thrilled to have survived and proud of herself for the daring rescue, but she realizes that she has no idea who she is. She does not remember where she lived, worked or any other detail of her life. Instead, she is dubbed “Angel of the Hudson” by the media and sits in the hospital day after day waiting for a friend or family member to show up and tell her who she is. What she does figure out is that she can somehow hear the thoughts of any man who gets close to her and she then begins transforming into the “woman of his dreams”.

Reporter Dante Kearns just happened to be there when the plane went down and jumped into the water without thinking about the story to rescue “Angel” and the baby. He belives “Angel” when she tells him that she can hear men’s thoughts, and they become friends when they figure out that he is somehow the only male she cannot “hear”.

The two investigate her previous life and try to piece together why she was on the plane and why no one has come forward to claim her. Surely she had at least one friend or relative. The airline determines her name is Angela Sands by cross checking the passenger list, but this is all they have to go on.

Eventually, the two solve the mystery of Angela’s identity only to realize that she was running from a husband that was trying to kill her.

I was unsure about Angel when I first picked up the book and read one of the authors’ bios. This is the first book by Coco – an actress, TV personality and wife of rapper Ice-T – and that made me think that the story was not going to work out too well. However, I have never been so impressed. I was hooked from the first page and just couldn’t put it down. Angel has something for everyone: mystery, thriller, romance, suspense. You you name it – it’s there!

Rating: 5/5

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