16044957Reviewed by Melanie Kline

Kate Vaughn and Jack Adams have the kind of love that most people only dream of. Through love and loss, distance and years, they manage to hold onto the love that started when they were just children.

Although Kate and Jack vow that they will always be together, fate steps in and takes them in different directions. Kate has been pursuing another kind of love and helping to rescue the souls of lost teens and even though Jack keeps telling her that he needs her to come back to him, she believes that he will wait forever if necessary. On a visit home, Jack again warns Kate that he cannot keep waiting for her and Kate vows that this is the last teen she will help and swears she will put in her notice and return home to him, but then another young girl arrives. Although it breaks his heart, Jack moves on with his life and marries another woman and starts a family.

Kate finally leaves her job when she finds out that she is pregnant only to realize that Jack has moved on without her. Her parents urge her to keep the baby, but Kate doesn’t want the unborn child to become one of the teens she’s spent years helping and makes the decision to give her up for adoption.

Years later Kate’s child finds her and is curious to meet her birth mother and find out the reasons behind the adoption. Kate is thrilled at the prospect of meeting her, but Jack insists that it isn’t a good idea. His family and friends know nothing of the adoption and he’s afraid of what it will do to his son and his reputation. In fact, Kate’s boyfriend Rowan knows nothing about the child either.

Eventually, Jack gives in and he and Kate meet Emily and her adoptive family. Kate does her best to keep in touch with Jack and Emily, at the cost of her relationship with Rowan, who was about to propose.

And Then I Found You is a love story through and through. Jack and Kate tell the people in their lives about Emily. They also form a kind of bond with Emily and although strained, also her adoptive parents. And of course, Kate and Jack find their way back to each other and the love that they never lost for each other through the years they have been apart. Although it was pretty clear to me from the beginning that Kate and Jack’s would eventually reunite, it was the heartfelt journey there that made this book worthwhile.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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