PHTO0009HarperCollins Publishers announced a program with American Airlines and Hudson Booksellers to offer holiday travelers the opportunity to preview and receive discounts on selected HarperCollins bestselling titles throughout the peak travel season. Between December 1, 2013 and January 1, 2014, HarperCollins will provide American Airlines customers a selection of full-length and excerpted HarperCollins books, and Hudson Booksellers will offer them a special discount on featured print titles bought in Hudson Booksellers stores and online at http://www.hudsonbooksellers.com/aa.

American Airlines First and Business Class customers on select flights will be able to enjoy top HarperCollins titles on their inflight Samsung Galaxy Tab™. HarperCollins is the first and only publisher to have its content featured on the American Airlines branded Samsung tablets. Each device will also include a discount code for purchase of these selected HarperCollins titles, redeemable online and at more than 400 Hudson Booksellers locations.

With the promotional discount codes, all American Airlines customers will receive 20% off the featured print titles bought in Hudson Booksellers stores and 40% off featured print titles bought online at http://www.hudsonbooksellers.com/aa. Hudson Booksellers customers will receive 40% off when purchasing featured titles online only.

Interview with Angela Tribelli, HarperCollins CMO

Q: What factors guided your decision to partner with American Airlines?

A: The holidays can be hectic for us all, but air travel affords busy passengers the perfect opportunity to unwind for a few hours and be entertained by a great book. As American Airlines is one of the largest airlines in the world, and committed to delivering in-flight entertainment via personal tablet devices, American Airlines is an ideal partner for this program.

Q: Do you anticipate continuing this offering past the holiday season?

A: This is an exciting pilot campaign timed for the holiday retail and travel season. Our commitment to authors at HarperCollins is always to find new and better ways to help readers discover the books they’ll love. To that end, we’ll be evaluating the results of this campaign along with our partners, AA and Hudson, to determine how to best evolve the program going forward.

Q: Can passengers purchase an eBook at a discount if they want to continue reading after the flight?

A: The goal of this program is to sample eBook content in-flight, and then purchase at any of the 400 Hudson locations at over 40 airports in the United states and Canada. As the vast majority of Hudson’s customers purchase print books, the discounting was developed with those customers in mind.

Q: How were the titles being offered in-flight to First and Business class passengers selected?

A: We chose a selection of our top-selling books from 2013 across a variety of genres.

Learn more about the program here