Reviewed by Amanda Farmer

Amber House is the debut novel for all three writers and I hope it will not be their last.

The story opens with Sara attending her grandmother’s funeral. Sara is sixteen, but she has never been to the Amber House before or spent a whole lot of time with her grandmother. Amber House has been in the family for many centuries and it has many secrets of its own along with echoes (the spirits of ancestors and their lives spent at Amber House-the good and the bad). Amber House contains all of the histories of Sara’s ancestors; nothing was thrown out no matter what. There are photographs, journals, mementos, etc. for Sara to look over and read, and these only add to the mystery of the house itself.

Sara meets new friends – Rose, Jackson, and Richard, to name a few – while at the same time caring for her five-year-old autistic brother, Sam, due to her mother’s inability to handle him. Sara has a knack for finding him when he plays hide and seek, she can sense where he is, although her mother won’t talk to her about it. Sara works to uncover the secrets of Amber House and is able to find connections to her grandmother and mother, and why they have never gotten along. Sara’s mother has never been one to show affection, only criticism, and most of the time it is directed towards Sara. Throughout the story we are able to see Sara grow and develop as a person and we are able to see the special connection she shares with Amber House and its spirits.

I love a good ghost story and Amber House did not disappoint. I hated for it to end – I was that into it. This story has everything from friendship, love between siblings, romantic love, mystery, secrets, and of course, spirits all mixed into one. The descriptions were so vivid that I felt like I was there with Sara going through the motions. When she felt joy I felt it, when she experienced heart ache, I did as well.

Amber House is a well written novel involving an ancient ancestral mansion with many secrets and a large connection to a few family members in each generation. I loved discovering the secrets and history of Amber House right along with Sara as she discovered them for herself with the help of Jackson, whom she shares a special connection with.

I would definitely recommend Amber House to anyone who likes a good ghost story with a twist. I look forward to reading more by these three authors.

Rating: ★★★★★ 

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