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Reviewed by Krystal Larson

Looking for a good blend of historical fiction and romance? The Ambassador’s Daughter introduces the reader to Margot Rosenthal, the daughter of a German diplomat. It isn’t popular to be the daughter of a German diplomat in France and she has her wounded fiancé, Stefan, weighing heavily on her mind as well. When Margot meets Krysia and Georg, she begins to have a much better time in Paris, but at what cost? The reader will delve into the author’s portrayal of Margot’s life during 1919. World War I and the Treaty of Versailles are highlighted as well as general life in this time period. Though the reader will not get to “participate” via Margot in the peace conferences themselves, they will be able to see them from her perspective.

Margot is a flawed and conflicted character. She is young, brash, and headstrong. Her background makes her question her feelings for the handsome German naval captain, Georg. He is amazingly charismatic and handsome, almost overwhelmingly so to the reader, but Margot still resents her own feelings and will not admit to them. The early 1900’s were not a time for women to “discover themselves” and “find independence,” but Margot hopes to do exactly that. She strives for adventure and excitement, shaking free of the rigid boundaries that society imposes on her. In this novel, Margot begins to discover exactly what it means to be herself with the help of Krysia and Georg. The two men are very different from each other. Georg is the typical, strong “hero” type with a harsh past while Krysia embodies the artistic, spiritual side.

Margot and Georg’s relationship is sweet and rather sudden. She rapidly finds that she likes him, even though she won’t admit it. He is persistent, however, and the romance portion of the novel is carried out well. The Paris setting and the romance fit in perfectly. The plot itself was a little predictable, but still very interesting and fast-paced. Some of the author’s ideas shine through and not all readers will agree with her word usage, but it is still interesting to read her take on historical moments. Overall, this novel is recommended to history, romance, and drama lovers.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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“I cycle through the Jardin des Tuileries, navigating carefully around the slippery spots on the damp gravel path. The December air is crisp with the promise of snow and the bare branches of the chestnut trees bow over me like a procession of sabers. I pedal faster past the park benches, savoring the wind against my face and opening my mouth to gulp the air. A startled squirrel darts behind the base of a marble statue. My hair loosens, a sail billowing behind me, pushing me farther and faster, and for a moment it is almost possible to forget that I am in Paris.”

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