16158567Reviewed by Meg Massey

Amanda Lambright, a widow with three daughters, is thrilled to marry Wyman Brubaker, a widower with five of his own children. Amanda is confident that everyone will get along, and that they will become one big happy family.

But when she moves her family into Wyman’s home in a neighboring community, the experience is much different from what she hoped. The kids are fighting, her late husband’s mother is complaining, and Wyman is not willing to make changes to the home to suit Amanda’s needs. And when the community’s strict bishop targets Amanda’s “worldly” pottery-making and the behavior and attire of her daughters, she begins to wonder if she’s made a mistake marrying in to Wyman’s family and community.

When a personal attack from the bishop sends Amanda back to her previous home in search of peace, will she return to her new family? Or will she leave Wyman, his children, and the Amish community for good?

Naomi King’s Amanda Weds a Good Man is a story of hope and love that anyone is sure to enjoy. Amanda is a breath of fresh air, a traditional Amish woman who clearly loves her family. And Wyman is indeed a good man, who goes through quite a transformation throughout this novel. And because this is the first in King’s One Big Happy Family series, we can look forward to reading more of Amanda and Wyman’s story in future novels.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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