downloadReviewed by Vera Pereskokova

Young Sophie’s father leaves his family, never to return. Soon after, Sophie’s mother drops sick on the street.. A kind passerby stops to help and gets her mother to the hospital where she passes away, presumably from consumption. The stranger then advises Sophie to go to Belfield Hall and promises to put in a good word for her there. Thus begins Sophie’s journey as a lowly scullery maid; during her entire time at Belfield, she never forgets the kindness that was extended to her when she needed it most and writes letters to the man she idolizes.

When two of the family’s heirs die, the estate buzzes with anticipation of the new heir’s arrival. Unwittingly, Sophie becomes involved in Lady Beatrice’s – former heir’s wife – plan to entrap the dashing new heir, Lord Ashley. When she realizes that Lord Ashley is none other than the stranger who rescued her as a young girl, Sophie is sickened by the thought of going through with Beatrice’s scheme. But her attraction and affection for Lord Ashley may be too difficult to ignore…

All I Want is You by Elizabeth Anthony was a very fun and sexy read–I will give it that. In fact, I immediately searched the web to see if there were any plans for a sequel or two. However, the book quickly turned into nothing but a Fifty Shades of Grey copycat.

All I Want is You had the same unequal relationship: Sophie was a poor scullery maid, while Lord Ashley was a wealthy aristocrat. Lord Ashley had a dark past that marred him emotionally, just like Christian in Fifty Shades. Lord Ashley would not allow Sophie to touch him during their…ummm…encounters–Christian Grey anyone? Sophie’s reactions and even many phrases – that she used over and over again–were also very reminiscent of Anastasia Steele.

All in all, the only significant factor that set All I Want is You from Fifty Shades was its 1920’s setting, and even that was not particularly well developed. Elizabeth Anthony’s writing is by far superior to that of E L James and her book was a fairly enjoyable guilty pleasure, but I do wish more attention was given to originality.

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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