Reviewed by Sharon S.

When your biological clock is ticking and all you want a husband and a baby it hurts! National bestselling author Kristan Higgins has created a funny and smart tale of unexpected romance. Set in scenic Vermont town full of quirky residents, All I Ever Wanted epitomizes the dilemma of many women.

Working for a marketing company, Callie Grey is a successful, award- winning marketing professional who is unlucky in love. She thought that her future husband would be Mark, her boss and five week fling. Then Mark announces his engagement to Miss Perfect from California. To top off her unfortunate love life, her family holds a thirtieth birthday party for Callie in the family’s funeral home!

Callie has quite the unique family. Her parents are divorced because of her father’s cheating, her sister is a fertility doctor who seems to hate men and toping it all is the fact that Callie lives with her grandfather. Despite her misfortunes, Callie believes in love; when her father asks for help to win her mother back, she readily agrees.

Meanwhile, Callie begins a working relationship with Ian McFarland that turns into love. Ian is the town’s new veterinarian and the opposite of outgoing, warm and affectionate Callie. However, the gorgeous Ian has secrets of his own. When Callie agrees to accompany him to his ex-wife’s wedding, we begin to learn more about his character. Just when we think that love is working for Callie and Ian, tragedy strikes.

I am a fan of imperfect people finding love. Callie and Ian make the road to love funny and make one see possibilities. All I Ever Wanted is filled with interesting family dynamics and interpersonal relationships that make you want to know more!

If you love small town life and modern love stories filled with real issues, All I Ever Wanted is a rollercoaster ride of fun!

Sharon S. is a writer and non profit program developer in northeast Ohio. An avid reader, she believes that reading is essential to life. She is married and has two children.

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