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Reviewed by Vera Pereskokova

On her way back from a Mexico vacation – which she spent watching Buffy in her hotel room – Zoe Tisdale, an organic butter salesperson, has a near death flight experience. Sadly, during these supposedly last minutes, the only memory that flashes in front of her eyes is of the all-girl garage band she was in as a teenager.

Back in 1987, the band, The Flip-Flops, nearly hit it big but college and the ensuing separation got the better of the four band members/Valley Girls. Back on the ground, Zoe becomes determined to reunite The Flip-Flops and in the process, regain the passion for life she has since lost.

Unfortunately for Zoe, bringing together the band members proves to be mission impossible. While Zoe’s best friend and down the hall neighbor, Lauren, is eager to relive their glory years, the same cannot be said for Melinda, their lead singer, and Ginger, Lauren’s estranged sister and bass player. Melinda is quite content rescuing the environment, one mission at a time, and glamorous Ginger’s ritzy lifestyle prevents her from admitting that reuniting The Flip-Flops may be a tempting idea after all.

Thank You For Flying Air Zoe by Erik Atwell was an interesting take on the typical midlife crisis fare, all the more so coming from a man writing about four women. The book had all the right ingredients – humor, romance, adventure, friendships – but somehow, it fell flat for me and I can’t exactly pinpoint why. I kept turning the pages waiting for the “other shoe to drop” and for the story to somehow become more exciting for me, but it never did. I may be alone in my assessment or I may not be the target audience since my own midlife crisis is quite a ways away, but I never quite got on the Air Zoe bandwagon…

Rating: ★★½☆☆ 

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