Air-of-Treason-Med-Res-Front-Cover-179x276Reviewed by Charity Lyman

An Air of Treason is the first book in the Sir Robert Carey Mysteries that I have read. I love mysteries and this one looked quite interesting. We delve into the world of Tudor court and plunged into intrigue and murder! In spite of a few problems, I thoroughly enjoyed it and look forward to possibly reading another in the future.

Since I haven’t read any other books by Chisholm, I was somewhat lost at first over who was who and what exactly was going on. We meet a man who is trailing another person to kill him, and then it jumps to another person and I wasn’t quite sure what had happened…or who the good guy was. Within 15 pages or so I had figured out that Sir Robert Carey was the main character and the good detective, hence the name of the series. He needs to find out what happened to Amy Dudley and whether her death was in fact accidental or if there was foul play afoot. What Sir Carey really wants is his warrant and fee from the Queen. But alas, he must do her bidding and follow the clues.

One thing I personally liked was all the history. I didn’t really know much about this time period before starting the book and while some of it was confusing I got along fairly well. There were some are terms and words thrown around that I did not recognize but thankfully there was also a glossary in the back of the book that provided meanings for many of the words. If that wasn’t in there, I would have been going to Google a lot! The characters were interesting and some even a bit scary. I was pleased to see that Sir Robert Carey turned out to be a pretty good guy.

The main problems I had with the book were due to errors in spelling and grammar, along with the use of swear language that sometimes seemed unnecessary. Some of the language was a bit crude, such as detailed descriptions of people going to the bathroom in the woods, etc. Granted, these issues were very minor and I do realize that the author was likely just trying to stay true to the times. Overall, I had a fun time reading An Air of Treason and enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery at hand.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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