Reviewed by Meg Massey

In Siri Mitchell’s latest novel, A Heart Most Worthy, Julietta, Annamaria, and Luciana are three young women employed in Madame Fortier’s dress shop in Boston, where they frequently interact with men and women of high society in 1918.

Annamaria longs to break free of the obligations to her family. She is expected to care for her brothers and sisters instead of pursuing her own happiness. But in the process of seeking some sort of freedom, she falls for a Sicilian, which is forbidden by her family. Julietta becomes involved with the charming but suspicious Angelo, while Luciana has a dangerous, dark past that prevents her from opening her heart to love.

When a difficult client, Mrs. Quinn, enters the shop, the lives of the three girls are changed forever. Luciana, who speaks no English, is thrust into the elite woman’s world, and encounters Mrs. Quinn’s handsome son Billy. Meanwhile, Julietta discovers just how reckless Angelo is when he steals something of value from the shop.

Mitchell’s story is a complex look at how our pasts shape us, and how lives can change when we open our hearts. Will the three women find the love they seek, or will the secrets they are keeping and the relationships they engage in destroy them forever?

Rating: 4/5

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