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On the run from a troubled past, Suzanne Paris, the main character in After the Rain by Karen White, doesn’t think she’ll ever be able to stop and have a normal life. Unsettled from an early age, she’s grown accustomed to her vagabond lifestyle and has come to terms with never putting down roots, never forging long-lasting relationships, and never having a real home. She believes it’s just her lot in life to lead a lonely existence.

But then, a random exit from the bus, on the way to an undetermined destination, changes Suzanne’s life more than she could have imagined. Simply hoping for a place to hunker down and lay low for a few days, she is drawn into the small town of Walton, despite her best intentions to remain rootless. She can’t help but make friends with the congenial locals, who welcome Suzanne in a way she’s never experienced.

After the Rain is a sweet story of love; that of friendship, romance, and family. It is a story of optimism and fresh starts, in spite of past sadness and disappointments. I enjoyed reading as Suzanne’s story unfolded and ultimately turned into something beautiful. I really have only one complaint concerning a mystery of Suzanne’s past that is woven throughout the book. There is a lot of build-up with many references to an old connection to the town of Walton, creating a fair amount of curiosity, and when the truth comes out, it is rather anti-climatic. To me it felt like something was left out. However, After the Rain is a sequel to Falling Home, which I’ve never read. Perhaps reading that book would answer some questions for me. Nonetheless, After the Rain can definitely be appreciated on its own.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

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