Reviewed by Meg Massey

In the summer of 2004, David Goldman was a man who had it all: a successful modeling career, a beautiful wife, and a four–year-old son he adored. But his life turned upside down when his wife Bruna announced that she and their son Sean would be staying in Brazil, where they had been vacationing for two weeks. Devastated by this news, David plunged into a battle to bring his son back.

In A Father’s Love, David Goldman tells the story that most of us have heard on the news, but in much greater detail. David details his shock when wife Bruna called him from Brazil to announce that she no longer loved him, and that she was keeping Sean in her native country. He describes how he began the legal process to bring Sean home, while his wife Bruna was granted a Brazilian divorce and married a powerful Brazilian lawyer.

After many years of lawsuits and counter lawsuits, David discovered that Bruna had died in childbirth. Convinced that he would finally get Sean back, he was stunned when he discovered that Bruna’s husband had no intention of returning him. But when David finds a way to bring his story to the media and to the United States government, he is finally able to make some real progress in bringing his son home.

David Goldman’s book is a heartbreaking tale of a father who lost too many years with his only son, and the unimaginable things he endured to bring him home. Like so many people, I heard David’s story on the Today Show, but I had no idea about all he went through to be reunited with his son. If you read A Father’s Love, you will surely be moved by David’s love for his missing son.

Rating: 4.5/5

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