ad 33 book coverReviewed by Jenna Arthur

A.D. 33, written by Ted Dekker, continues the story from his previous book, A.D. 30. This follow-up book continues to follow main character, Maviah, as she gathers her band of outcasts in the desert, creating her own kingdom built on freedom from torture, and the slavery she once suffered at the hands of power hungry men. Talya, Saba and many of the Bedu characters find strength in Maviah, and through Maviah’s great faith, in the man she knows as Yeshua, follow her and the word.

Maviah’s new kingdom is growing and because of this she is becoming more powerful–a new, strong, intelligent woman, one she never she’d become. Men threaten to punish her, to hurt her, by any means possible. Maviah threatens their hold on the world and a strong woman must be put in her place. They mean to take her kingdom by any means possible. Her only hope is to find her master, Yeshua, for help through the guidance of his words. But when she finds him, he is broken, bloody, facing his own death. Can she save him? Can he save her and her people?

A.D. 33 is a fictional take on the story of Jesus and his disciples, through non-Jewish means. Dekker’s characters are well written and the detail he puts into everything from torture to grains of sand brings the entire book to life. It puts you in these character’s situations and lets you feel the heartbreak that Jesus’s disciples must have felt. Though the story line was more religious than I originally expected, Dekker’s sharp eye for detail and the cohesive plot made the book good regardless. Though more religious readers will certainly adore this book, history lovers may also find that they unexpectedly do as well.

Rating: ★★★½☆ 

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