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About the book

Jennifer Scott is an award-winning author, whose young adult novel The Hate List (written under the name Jennifer Brown) has received wide acclaim, including being named an ALA Best Book for Young Adults. The Accidental Book Club is her second novel for adults, after The Sister Season, and it comes just in time for Mother’s Day and spring vacation reading!

In The Accidental Book Club, we meet Jean Vison, a widow who never expected to live without her husband, much less start a book club. A spontaneous idea leads to a monthly meeting of six very different but colorful women, each with their own life stories and unique interpretations of the book selections, whose meetings are not complete without lots of wine, gourmet food, and laughter. Through these women Jean rediscovers the joy in life, and begins to see that there is a chance for happiness after losing her late husband. But soon Jean’s family is in trouble again, and her teenage granddaughter Bailey comes to live with her, turning Jean’s newfound peace upside down. In turning to the book club for support, Jean and Bailey discover that family is what you make of it—even the family you choose. Sometimes the most unexpected circumstances lead to the most powerful connections and friendships.

The Accidental Book Club establishes Jennifer Scott as a powerful voice in women’s fiction. For readers of The School of Essential Ingredients and While We Were Watching Downton AbbeyThe Accidental Book Club is sure to strike a similar nerve, and is absolutely perfect for book clubs to discuss, as well as fodder for a study on why book clubs are more often about so much more than the book being read: they are about friendship and support, over everything else.

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