conspiracy to love book coverReviewed by Shane S.

Former host of AM radio show The Love Project and current producer and host of cable television show The Love & Justice Report, River Smith has lent a helping hand to many people in search of an understanding of love. His latest work, A Conspiracy to Love, is a foray into well known territory for Smith. The book, more like a manual, lays down the foundations of how to live a life of joy, generosity and power. I was extremely skeptical at first, but as the pages kept turning I became aware of that little beating thing that I thought I knew so well.

A Conspiracy to Love helps you to grasp what a feeling truly is. If you’re able to put into proper terms the way you feel, then you’re one stop closer to resolving a dilemma in a relationship. Oftentimes, people respond to signs of stress in relationship with words that aren’t clearly indicative of what the other is doing, or what they actual seek. This muddying of the relationship water usually creates so much debris that both partners drown. Nobody gets what they want and the middle ground is never met. When this occurs, a hole is torn in the fabric of the relationship.

Smith gives us a few answers towards mending a broken love and from personal experience I can tell you they do have a quality effect. A person should get in touch with what they are feeling. If you cannot properly identify with how you feel then you’ll never truly be capable of expressing it. Be clear about what is wanted from the other person in the situation.

Oftentimes, signs and subtle winks are missed or misinterpreted by a partner because you didn’t come out and rightfully ask for something. Accept what your partner is saying or asking of you. Acknowledge them and let them know you understand. It all sounds so simple, and it’s given a better treatment throughout the book, but the messages are ages old yet people continue to suffer through relationship turmoil. In this day and age where the divorce rate is skyrocketing, I’d recommend finding any resource you can to establish a strong grip on your relationship. This book is a step towards that.

Shane usually spends his time writing screenplays, but has recently found pleasure in book reviews. He lives in Ohio and it’s not as bad as everyone seems to think.

This book was provided free of any obligation by River Smith. No monetary or any other form of compensation was received.