10 Alternative Christmas Gift Ideas, by Sarah Howard

Christmas is coming up fast, and you need to get something for the special woman in your life. But you’ve done jewelry, perfume, and chocolate. Now what? Household appliances are never a good idea. Do not get her a vacuum cleaner, not even if she’s been hinting about how much she’d like a Dyson. However, there are many other choices for Christmas gifts for your lady that are easy for you to shop for and will be appreciated. Here are some ideas that may appeal to you, and more importantly to her:

  • Pajamas. Not lingerie, pajamas. A nice pair of silk pajamas shows your dedication to her comfort, and she’ll look good in them. Avoid seasonal prints, since you want something she can wear year-round. Slippers are an optional extra. As with any clothing gift, know her sizes before you buy! Snoop in her closet if you have to, and if you must guess, err on the side of too small.
  • A handbag. Women can never have too many shoes or purses, and purses are easier to shop for. Just be sure you buy from a reputable source. A “designer” bag for $20 is almost certainly a fake. Pass it by and get the real thing. You might also consider a nice laptop bag, messenger bag, or tablet computer case.
  • A portable video game player, such as a Nintendo DS. Video games aren’t just for teenage boys anymore. Women enjoy puzzle, rhythm, and other casual games that test their brainpower.
  • Classes. Has she always wanted to learn French, study art, develop professional cake-decorating skills, or try her hand at pottery? Check your local community colleges, adult education institutes, museums, and other cultural institutions to see what educational opportunities they offer.
  • A blanket. It’s winter, it’s probably cold. A blanket or throw will keep her warm when you’re not around. Make sure it’s something nice and colourful so she can use it as a decoration as well.
  • Sunglasses. A good pair of designer sunglasses will help your lady feel stylish and be useful year-round.
  • Wine. Ask the wine store staff to recommend something that pairs well with her favorite foods. You need not splurge, since you can get very good wine at a reasonable price if you shop around. No two-buck Chuck, please.
  • An e-reader. If your lady is the bookish type, she’ll love the variety and convenience an e-reader offers.
  • A salon gift certificate. If she colors or styles her hair, get her a gift certificate from her favourite salon. Offering her a rejuvenating day at the spa will also be appreciated.
  • A coupon book. While this can be a corny gift, giving her a book of promise coupons can be deeply appreciated. Just take the time to think about it and make coupons for things she genuinely wants, whether it’s dinner out, control of the remote, or taking the kids away for the day.

With a little creativity and consideration, you’ll be able to find an outstanding and unique gift for your lady. Just think about her, and what makes her happy, and you’ll be on the path to finding a great gift!

Sarah writes on behalf of Fluid Branding, a promotional products specialist. Fluid Branding have thousands of promotional product from promotional mugs to calculators, from promotional pens to umbrellas. Fluid Branding have something for everyone.